Dry Eye Treatment Q & A

What is dry eye?

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Dry eye happens when your eyes don’t produce sufficient tears or if the tears evaporate too rapidly. As a result, your eyes don’t receive the proper lubrication, protection, nourishment, and support offered by a healthy tear.

You may find it difficult to read, work on a computer or perform other activities when your eyes are dry. It may also be difficult to tolerate dry environments for extended periods of time.

Dry eye is a chronic, progressive condition. Without proper treatment, it worsens over time.

What causes dry eye?

  • *Age
  • * Certain medications & cosmetics
  • * Prolonged screen time
  • * Laser eye surgery
  • * Cataract surgery
  • * Hormonal changes or therapies
  • * Autoimmune disorders
  • * Seasonal allergies

Also, if you have specific skin diseases, like rosacea, it can affect the health of your tear production glands and disrupt tear production.

What treatments are available for dry eye?

Dr. Jaccoma offers many effective treatments for resolving the irritation of the dry eye and preventing a recurrence. He performs a full eye exam to confirm a dry eye diagnosis and determine the best treatment for you.

Treatment options may include:

  • * Prescription eye drops: includes Restasis® and Xiidra®
  • * Advanced artificial tears (such as Oasis products)
  • * BlephEx®: in-office treatments to clean eyelids
  • * Prokera®: therapeutic device to repair surface eye damage
  • * LipiFlow®: uses heat to increase the release of tears from the eye glands
  • * Intense pulsed light (IPL): a laser therapy effective in treating rosacea that affects eyelids and tear production
  • * Radiofrequency (using Ellman® and thermiRF® devices) to smooth the conjunctival surfaces when indicated (see below) and to assist in the heating and expressing of clogged oil glands while offering an aesthetic repair of thin, wrinkled skin. RF can also be used in certain surgical indications to bloodlessly remove skin lesions and alter the position of malpositioned lids or remove unwanted eyelashes
  • * eyeThera dry eye kits (designed to provide the products and supplements necessary for good lid hygiene and tear-gland nutrition, in an affordable, convenient, renewable kit)
  • * Eyeeco brand products, including sleep masks, heat masks, and tea tree oil cleansers
  • * Punctal plugs (small plugs designed to impede the flow of tears through the tear ducts, thereby allowing tears to remain longer on the surface of the eye)
  • * Prescriptive antibiotics (sometimes small doses of oral or topical antibiotics can help relieve inflammation and improve tear health. Dr. Jaccoma can help assess if these could be useful in each case.
  • * Regener-Eyes® ( a prescriptive eyedrop developed to help patients suffering from inflammation and dry eyes, it is a sterile, natural material made from placental-derived fluids that have been shown to reduce inflammation and help restore the ocular surface to health)
  • * Therapeutic contact lenses (unlike contacts used to replace glasses, these contacts help to stabilize the ocular surface while it is being repaired).
  • * Eyelid surgeries (when eyelids or eyelashes are misaligned or overly exposing the eye to trauma or dryness, then corrective procedures are often possible to realign the lids or lashes. Some procedures may be offered in-office and others may require more extensive and/or microscopic correction in the hospital OR setting).

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